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Fernus Z-book

In 2012, Fernus developed Fernus Z book to enable teachers and students to use books efficiently on all digital platforms and interactive white boards...

156 Publishing Houses
7600 Book Production
1500000 Satisfied Teachers
3600000 Satisfied Pupils

Fernus z-book was developed by Fernus team in 2012. www.z-kitap.com/.net/.org domain names are officially enrolled by Fernus. We have become the only solution in the publishing sector with our trust-oriented approaches and our continuously growing technology despite many bad imitations.

What is Fernus Z-book?

Fernus Z-book is a software package that enable teachers and students to use the printed materials in digital media. These packages help teachers to view the printed books, to operate on them and to provide the opportunity of teaching the course more effectively with the videos, animations and audio – visuals.

The most important factor about being only choice in the sector is that it is the only product that clearly see the problems of education market and solve them properly.




Our new module Fernus content cloud includes thousands of videos, interactive applications, animations, audio and text files. It helps  the teacher to enrich the book with these supplimentaries.

Content Cloud

With the Content Cloud module in our z-books; we offer teachers nearly 30000 free videos, nearly 4000 interactive applications, thousands of text and audio content.

Multi - Touch Feature

Fernus Z-book is the only software with multi-touch capability. Teachers can do all operations with their fingers on the book just as they would on their mobile devices.


Books are encrypted to prevent being stolen. All our z-books are certified by COMODO.

Mobile Compatibility

Our libraries are available on IOS and Android phones and tablets. Our mobile applications are used by millions of people.

100% Secure Software

Fernus z-book is protected by over 100 popular virus programmes.

Independent Platform

Our application can be used with Linux, Windows, Mac OS as well as MEB’s PARDUS.